The story of Nature’s Way Montessori began just five years ago on January 1, 2013. 


The property and site had operated as Silver Lining Preschool for many years. Because of its use as an American daycare,  the one-acre property was somewhat ready for use for another purpose: Montessori.

With a parking lot, two play yards and a 4000 sq. ft. building, the previous Silver Lining’s owner and Monica MacDonald, decided to make change. They laid new floors, painted all the walls and made it a clean slate again. NWM started by offering the few daycare children that were currently attending, a spot at their current tuition to join NWM. They had enrolled a few new children and opened their doors officially as NWM, with only 14 children.

Within a month, the new montessori classroom was full with 25 children, and they created a “two’s” class that met the demand of the waitlist. By the Fall of 2013, NWM had 30 children.  In the summer of 2014, Monica stepped out of the classroom and hired a Montessori trained teacher.  That summer, the old owner and Monica tore down walls, built child-sized bathrooms  and created a second classroom. For the Fall of 2014 NWM opened with 52 children and had a long waiting list.



Denali National Park

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This One Tree Somewhere

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