Monica MAcDonald

Head of School

Monica MacDonald is the vision and the leadership behind Nature’s Way Montessori. She began her career as a counselor for children and families and was introduced to Montessori during a trip to India in 1986. It changed her life and its direction. She saw in Dr. Montessori’s work her life ambition; that children be treated with respect and dignity and be given the tools they need to be successful and happy adults.

Monica has worked with toddlers, primary (3-6) and elementary children as both assistant and teacher. She has served as Head of School and as a Consultant. Her Montessori career spans over 30 years. Monica lectures at conferences and workshops and advocates for Montessori Education for children all over the world.

Monica graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Psychology and received her AMI diploma from the Montessori Training Center in St. Louis. She is the proud parent of her adult daughter, Ayesha, who attended Montessori programs through the 8th grade. In her spare time, Monica enjoys gourmet Indian cooking, playing her mandolin and practicing yoga.

Welcome Letter

Choosing the best school for your child is a very important process. Here at NWM, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website, and for taking the time to learn about our school. Nature’s Way Montessori is a private preschool offering an authentic Montessori education. Our peaceful environment and compassionate staff nurture respect for self and others. We foster a strong sense of community, and stimulate independent thinking. Students carry with them a strong foundation for future learning, a belief in the dignity of work, and a sense of responsibility for their own development. We want them to grow and love life, as happy and productive human beings. Our goal at NWM is for every child to leave with a life-long love for learning, the skill and ability to collaborate with others, and the confidence, courage and compassion to excel in life.

I have been  involved with Montessori education for over 30- years, as a parent, teacher, and as a HOS. It has been a joy and a pleasure for me to be able to contribute to children’s happiness and success over the years. Montessori is timeless, as it addresses children’s basic needs, and allows them to naturally develop and make the most of their innate capabilities. Here at NWM, I encourage you to schedule an appointment to visit our school, and see for yourself the quality and beauty of our program. We are proud to be part of an education that contributes at such a deep level to children.

Looking forward,

Monica MacDonald