Montessori 101:  This event is held in August and is mandatory for all new families.  It will introduce concepts of Dr. Montessori giving parents insight into what we do here.

Back to School Night: This event is usually held the first week of school.  It is mandatory for all families.  The focus is school policies and classroom etiquette.

International Day of Peace:  The children will sing songs and mantras of peace for our world

Harvest Carnival:  This event is our first parent led event.  It is usually a potluck and an early evening of games along with a wine raffle.

Parent Teacher Conferences:  The first conference is usually held in October.  The second conference is held in January.  A written narrative is sent home at the end of each school year

Gratitude Lunch: This event is designed by the children in each class and is held the Friday before our Thanksgiving break.

Winter Light Celebration:  This event is parent led.  It is a soup potluck with a luminary walk of peace.  Our classroom auction along with a live auction takes place at this event

Watch Me Work:  Parents are invited by the children to share the wonderful work they do in the classrooms.

Parents Day Tea:  Parents are invited to a formal tea to say thank you and to celebrate Mother's and Father's Day. 

Earth Day:  A parent led event celebrating the Earth with re-cycled craft, games, special snacks and the distribution of our annual Earth Day T-shirts designed by the children.

Silent/Live Auction: Sponsored by 'Friends of Nature's Way'.  This event is our biggest fund-raiser of the year held in May or June.

Dr. Montessori Death Day:   May 6  The children will learn about Dr. Montessori and her quest for peace.  

End of the year BBQ:  A catered BBQ to celebrate a wonderful year.

Stepping up Celebration: This event is for children who are stepping up from Kindergarten into first grade or third grade into fourth.  It is our version of a graduation.

Parent Education Evenings:  Our teachers sponsor three evenings per year.  We expect all parents to attend as they are an integral part of our program.